Affordable Care Act – What you should know

To all my friends, neighbors and patients,

     The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is here.  It is an attempt to control the spiraling cost of healthcare in the US.  It will affect all of us- patients and providers.  Healthcare here is gulping up 16% of our GDP.  That is too much!
     22% of that big chunk of dollars goes to “Administrative Cost” and NOT to direct patient care.  Other developed countries with better rated healthcare run at about 5.5% – 8% administrative cost.  I believe that Insurance companies should be non-profit like a Foundation Model at best or a Kaiser Model at the very least.
     Our average insurance premiums are running $750 per month a couple of years ago.  This is while 700,000 people per year has gone bankrupt!
     In our area, Stanford just bought out the biggest cardiology group.  In response, John Muir Health is planning to hire its own specialists.  Both John Muir and Sutter Health own their physicians through their Foundations.  All this in preparation to be in front of the healthcare payment line called the “Accountable Care Organization” (ACO) under the ACA.
     Our insurance premiums are number one in the world; yet our healthcare is NOT! Something’s got to be done at the grass root level.  Each of us has to raise our voice, make a stand and demand to be heard.   As a physician, I have initiated my part in making healthcare more affordable by cutting out the middleman.
     I will take care of you to the best of my ability at the lowest possible price!  Decisions regarding your care should be between you and your personal physician.  What do you think?
With best regards,
Your friendly neighborhood doc.