About the Doctor

Dr. Tan attended UC Berkeley as an undergraduate (go Bears!). He then graduated from UCSF School of Medicine. He has lived and practiced family medicine in the Pleasanton/Dublin/San Ramon/Danville area for over thirty years.

He frequently travels on Medical Missions to Myanmar, formally known as Burma. While there, he provides medical attention, first-aid materials, and other medical supplies to the elderly, orphans, and refugees of this impoverished country. He loves taking care of people, especially those who are in need.

He is committed to providing quality healthcare at the most affordable price. He is very passionate about medicine and cares deeply about his patients. He finds being a caring doctor a truly wonderful profession!

IMG_0134IMG_0170FullSizeRender (1)


2 thoughts on “About the Doctor

  1. A gifted professional whose mission in life has been committed to helping as many people as possible. Thankfully the good Lord gave him the heart and brains to be affective in the world of medicine. I’m one of the fortunate beneficiaries. A

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