Office Information

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  • Many people have no health insurance and those who have health insurance often have a huge deductible. These insurance plans are design for catastrophic health issues, not for everyday issues that most of us have. We offer a flat rate for an office visit that consumers understand before entering the exam room. There is no hidden cost, the consumer can agree or disagree with the cost before service is rendered. We believe in full disclosure of prices and no huge medical bill in the mail.
  • We are here to serve you and our community. We are a “walk-in” medical office; access to medical care for non-emergency illnesses and injuries without need for an appointment. Our goal is to see patient’s at their convenience, the day they need healthcare attention. We hope to make going to the doctor’s office simple and easy.
  • We offer basic healthcare at affordable prices. Get quality medical care from an experienced doctor who is concerned about you. The doctor wants to provide you with the proper diagnosis and treatment plan, so you feel better fast!  Our main concern is your health and wellbeing.
  • Thank you for selecting our medical office. We look forward to serving your medical needs.  Check us out at Yelp!